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Burst of Arabia

Coffee Breeze - Unisex

They say coffee is a language itself, we say it is a love language.

The pure Arabic Coffee by “Emirati Coffee”, tasting the orange dark chocolate, dried raisins, cocoa nibs notes, and almond nut aftertaste is a true delight to start the day after an energetic shower with the 100% handmade natural Coffee Soap Donut by “Layyef Kayyef”. Caressing the skin and the mind with its scent of freshly brewed coffee, this soap donut contains a signature natural loofah, making it easier for the skin to exfoliate and radiate. Finally, the passionate fragrance as its name indicates, Shaghaf, meaning “passion”, kisses the soul with its harmoniously gourmand notes of praline, saffron, vanilla, rose and luxurious oud.

This heart-warming gift box is a perfect gift for any coffee lover; a fresh breeze that awakens the senses. 

The Coffee Breeze Box includes

Shaghaf Ouf Fragrance by Swiss Arabian

Fragrance Family
Oud, Gourmand, Unisex

Top Note:
Saffron, Oud

Middle Note:
Rose, Praline, Oud

Base Note:
Oud, Vanilla

Aromatic Coffee Soap by Layyef Kayyef

Something special for coffee-lovers in your life! This luxurious handmade donut soap by "Layyef, Kayyef" (meaning
Scrub and Enjoy!) is filled with hydrating and nourishing palm, coconut, and vitamin E oils. to exfoliate and draw toxins from the skin.

The loofah is 100% natural. It exfoliates the skin and increases blood circulation, offering a 2 in 1 soap and scrub.

Directions for use:
We recommend rubbing the loofah soap under water for a couple of seconds before
scrubbing the skin to soften it a little bit and make it gentle.

Natural Loofah, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Sodium Hydroxide, Sucrose, Aqua, Coffee Fragrance Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Skin Safe Colorants, Alcohol.

Soap Weight:
115 g

Arabic Coffee by Emirati Coffee

Region: Inza, Cauca

Country: Colombia

Cup profile: 
Caramelized stone-fruit, berries and honeycomb. Round mouthfeel, subtle pineapple acidity, and creamy finish.

Grade: 85+

Emirati Coffee is UAE’s first local 100% Emirati specialty coffee roasting company working directly with farmers and producers to source the coffee beans from 23 origins across the world ranging from Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Brazil to Vietnam.

Box Dimensions

h:13 cm X w:20 cm X l:24 cm

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